Stanford BMT department welcomes Dr. Iryna Kriachok, Ukrainian oncologist at NCI, Kyiv

HUG expresses gratitude to the Stanford Bone and Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy (BMT-CT) devision for welcoming Dr. Iryna Kriachok, a head of scientific and research department of chemotherapy of hemoblastoses at NCI, Kyiv. Stanford BMT-CT department has 52 beds dedicated to BMT and Cellular therapy. The program performs autologous and allogeneic transplants for over 450 patients, as well as treats roughly 200 CAR-T patients annually, with great success and limited morbidity and acute mortality. The head of the department, Dr. David Miklos who started the CAR-T therapy at Stanford Hospital in 2016, together with Inna Kaplan, Angela Kopetsky & Yuliya Behey warmly welcomed Dr. Bohdan Skulskyi and Dr. Olena Lukianets from Cherkasy in May and now welcoming Dr. Iryna Kriachok! Dr. Kriachok will be learning allogeneic BMT to bring the knowledge to NCI and start it there. Help Ukraine Group and Global Medical Knowledge Alliance are wishing Dr. Kriachok success!