Vendor Collaboration

HUG members are grateful to all the vendors for supporting Ukrainian cancer centers during the war:

  • Limbus AI Inc. provided free licenses for automatic contouring software to all cancer centers in Ukraine
  • RaySearch Laboratories donated 10 treatment planning stations to Ukraine
  • RADformation donated automatic 3D-planning, automatic contouring, secondary plan check, secondary monitor unit (MU) calculation to Ukrainian cancer centers which will facilitate streamlining the treatment planning workflow.
  • CIVCO, Orfit, and QFix donated masks, boluses and immobilization devices to various Ukrainian cancer centers
  • MIM Software Inc. provided a free software license to host a MIMcloud Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) repository for medical images from Ukrainian patients that further inform the video consultations.
  • Varian and Elekta conducted the free training courses for Ukrainian radiation oncologists and physicists. Varian donated a treatment planning station to Ukraine. Elekta sponsored the AAPM/HUG/UAMP medical physics course.
  • Siemens Healthineers created a matched €1 mln matched employee fundraiser to help Ukraine with humanitarian needs. Siemens also donated 3 X-ray systems and 4 C-arms to various locations in Ukraine

We continue to appeal to oncology vendors to provide their support, donate equipment and software, enhance support for equipment maintenance and service. We request professional organisations to organise a “Support Ukraine” fundraiser with their membership and the industry to provide much needed help for Ukraine.

Even if the war were to stop today, the long-lasting effect of the decimated healthcare system in Ukraine will last for years to come. The effective cancer recovery plan in Ukraine must have radiotherapy at its heart, with precise coordination between governing bodies, professional organizations, patient organizations, multidisciplinary professionals, and industry. But all these efforts start with individuals, and the individual power and will of Ukrainians to fight for their cancer patients is truly inspiring. Let us help these Ukrainian doctor-heroes to win against two evils: cancer and war.