About Us

A team of oncology practitioners in US and Australia created Help Ukraine Group (HUG), a 501(c)(3) organization. We connect with cancer care providers in Ukraine and establish a feedback loop, identifying the most pressing needs and finding direct practical solutions.

The capacity of the Ukrainian cancer care system has been severely damaged by the russian invasion, and it will take years to recover, even if the war were to stop today. It’s imperative that the effective cancer recovery plan in Ukraine is guided by precise coordination between governing bodies, professional organizations, patient organizations, multidisciplinary professionals, and industry. All these efforts start with individuals, and individual power and the will of Ukrainians to fight for their cancer patients is truly inspiring. You don’t have to be Ukrainian to help Ukraine, you just need to be human. Think how you can help Ukraine today. We are humanity of almost 8 billion: together we are strong, we can come together as a community and help the Ukrainian oncology doctors-heroes to win over two evils: the cancer and the war.

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Here is Our Story and Our Team.