Software support

Help Ukraine Group petitioned Limbus AI for donation on auto-contouring software. Limbus AI has generously donated their software to all the cancer centers in Ukraine till the end of the war.

Please see auto-contouring results from Limbus AI here.

Here is a list of the cancer centers using Limbus AI autocontouring:

  1. Kyiv Regional Oncology Dispensary
  2. National Cancer Institute, Kyiv
  3. Lviv Regional Cancer Center
  4. Kyiv City Onco Center
  5. OKHMATDYT, Kyiv
  6. Spizhenko Clinic
  7. Lisod
  8. Zakarpatsky Antitumor Center
  9. Oberig
  10. Khmelnytsky Regional Antitumor Center
  11. Manufactura Clinic
  12. Ukrainian Center for Tomotherapy
  13. Ternopil Regional Clinical Onco Center
  14. Chernihiv Medical Center of Modern Oncology
  15. Grigoriev Institute for Medical Radiology
  16. Sumy Regional Clinical Onco Center
  17. Dnipro Regional Clinical Onco Center
  18. Kolomyichenko Institute of Otolaryngology
  19. Feofania

RaySearch Laboratories has kindly offered to donate 10 treatment planning stations for Ukraine (5 for clinical use and 5 for educational use). Here is a list of the cancer centers receiving clinical RayStations:

  1. Zaporizhzhia Regional Cancer Center
  2. Kherson Regional Oncology Center
  3. Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center
  4. Sumy Regional Clinical Oncology Center
  5. Lviv Regional Cancer Treatment and Diagnostic Center

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, medical physics department  is receiving 5 educational RayStations that will be shared with professional organizations in Ukraine, other cancer centers in Ukraine and other departments for educational purposes.

RADformation reached out to Help Ukraine Group to donate EZFluence, ClearCalc, ClearCheck, and Auto-Contour.

  1. EZFluence – automation of 3D treatment planning for Eclipse users of version 11 and higher
  2. ClearCheck – automation of physics plan check including dosimetric plan quality and plan safety for Eclipse users of version 11 and higher
  3. ClearCalc – secondary MU/dose calculation software for photons, electrons for various linear accelerators and brachy
  4. AutoContour – automation of contouring from head to toe independent of treatment planning software

Please reach out to us if you are interested to install the software in your Ukrainian radiotherapy department.