Medical Supplies

Using support from UICC grants, generous public donations, and donations from CIVCO, Orfit and QFix, Help Ukraine Group provided immobilization devices and  boluses to the following cancer centers in Ukraine:

  1. National Cancer Institute, Kyiv
  2. Cherkasy Regional Onco Dispensary
  3. Lviv Regional Cancer Center
  4. Rivne Regional Onco Dispensary
  5. Ternopil Regional Onco Dispensary
  6. Volyn Regional Medical Center Oncology
  7. Khmelnytskyi Regional Antitumor Center
  8. Kyiv Regional Cancer Center
  9. Kherson Regional Onco Dispensary

Many thanks to Nova Ukraine and volunteers (Petro Shak) for the help with delivering the supplies.

Help Ukraine Group also donated and shipped the  AVATAR audio-visual system for pediatric patients to OKHMATDYT Children Hospital in Kyiv