Help Ukraine Group members and trainees present at the UTRO conference in Uzhhorod, Ukraine

HUG members and trainees presented at the Ukrainian Society of Radiation Oncology (UTRO) conference in Uzhhorod, Ukraine


  1. Yuliia Severyn – “Training experience at Stanford Radiation Oncology department: cranio-spinal irradiation”  
  2. Nadiia Honcharenko –  “Advanced radiotherapy technologies and techniques” 
  3. Anna Fedorova – “ Medical Physics training experience at ICON Group, Australia: Importance of dosimetry audits 
  4. Oksana Galias – “Training experience at University of Washington: Adaptive Radiotherapy with Ethos” 
  5. Ruslan Zelinskyi – “Medical Physics Training in Australia: Opportunities for Australia/Ukraine collaboration for implementation of modern technologies in radiation therapy” 
  6. Serhii Brovchuk – ” Dealing with the workload while transitioning to RT equipment with advanced capabilities. The role of automation software Limbus AI and Radformation “ 
  7. Nataliya Kovalchuk – “Help Ukraine Group support for radiation therapy in Ukraine during the war” 
  8. Natalka Suchowerska – “Supporting radiotherapy in Ukraine from Australia”