ESTRO Foundations of Leadership in Radiation Oncology (FLiRO) Course

ESTRO is kindly providing funding for 2 radiation oncology specialists from Ukraine to register for the Foundations of Leadership in Radiation Oncology (FLiRO) course. This course has a strong international reputation, being offered by ESTRO-CARO-RANZCR.

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For Ukraine, the target group is anyone wanting to improve radiation oncology clinical practice.

In general, the target group is often early career practitioners (approximately first five years after training) in the radiation oncology professions, including radiation or clinical oncologists, radiation physicists, radiation therapists/technologists, nurses and scientists. The course is directed at professionals interested in developing expertise in leading teams for quality improvement, advocacy and in all situations where they might positively influence the future of our discipline within both local and international settings.

This blended course consists of an online/live 7-8 week learning program including homework, online webinar and live sessions. All sections of the program are highly interactive and highlight practical relevance to the radiation oncology workplace and facilitate improvements within radiation oncology.

Online pre-meeting session and homework – Starting from 4 March

Live session in Glasgow, United Kingdom during ESTRO:

  • Day1 – Friday, 3 May – 9.00 – 17.30
  • Day2 – Saturday, 4 May – 13.00 – 14.00
  • Day3 – Sunday, 5 May – 13.00 – 14.00

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For more details, please reach out to A/Prof Natalka Suchowerska