Dr. Kseniia Bolharina completes 1-month observership in pediatric oncology at Stanford

Dr. Kseniia Bolharina, a pediatric oncologist from the National Cancer Institute in Kyiv, completed her 1-month long observership at Stanford.

Here are her impressions:

“My observership was 1 month in pediatric oncology. I seem to have moved into the future! During this time I observed how decisions are made in the environment of all the combinations of tools to treat a patient at your disposal. I was inspired by communication with many of Stanford top physicians, and with some kind of greed I tried to absorb by my brain the maximum information possible! I am impressed by the team structure and many team players who make one joint decision individualized for every pediatric cancer patient. I will miss this period of my life! Many of discussion, many of protocols, only positive impression, many different patients with complex conditions. Miracles happen in this place because of great team-work of medical personnel!

After my return to Ukraine, I would like to start a project on improving the team-work in medical institutions in Ukraine, preventing harassment and promoting collaborative inclusive work culture. I believe this topic is not at all discussed in Ukraine. I hope I can succeed in this endeavor!”

Help Ukraine Group wishes Dr. Bolharina success and all the best in her future endeavors! We thank the Stanford pediatric oncology department for a warm welcome and training for Dr. Bolharina and Stanford Global Scholars grant funding her travel and stay.