Case Review with ASTRO Experts for Ukraine

Help Ukraine Group – HUG in collaboration with ASTRO International Committee organized the “Case Review with ASTRO Experts for Ukraine” spanning 12 monthly sessions starting June 11th 2024 till May 2025 on 2nd Tuesdays of the month, 20:00 Kyiv time. 138 radiation oncologists and medical physicists signed up for the course.

Sessions are in English with simultaneous AI-generated captioning in Ukrainian. Ukrainian radiation oncology experts will also provide case review commentary on practice in Ukraine.

Many thanks to Professor Tamer Refaat and ASTRO International Committee for all the support of Ukrainian radiation oncology during the war.

Click on the entry in the table below to navigate to the Zoom recording of the lecture. The videos with Ukrainian subtitles are posted below. We thank Drs. Daryna Semotyuk, Yuliia Lozko, Sofiia Zaluska, and Nataliya Kovalchuk for their help with translations.


Lecture Date Kyiv Time Topic Speaker(s)
1 6/11/24 Tuesday 20:00 Oropharynx Cancer Drs. Clifton (Dave) Fuller, Maryna Sokolovska
2 7/9/24 Tuesday 19:30 Lung Cancer Drs. Percy Lee, Taras Izio
3 8/13/24 Tuesday 20:00 Breast Cancer Drs. Jonathan Strauss, Nataliia Seriogina
4 9/10/24 Tuesday 20:00 Glioblastoma Drs. C Jake Wang, Olga Silaieva
5 10/8/24 Tuesday 20:00 Upper GI Cancers Drs. Parag Parikh, Zoia Shepil
6 11/12/24 Tuesday 20:00 Prostate Cancer Drs. Mack Roach III, Olena Safronova
7 12/10/24 Tuesday 20:00 GYN Cancers External Beam Radiotherapy Drs. Anuja Jhingran, Maryna Sokolovska
8  1/15/25 Wednesday 20:00 GYN Cancers Brachytherapy Drs. Kevin Albuquerque, Zoia Shepil
9 2/11/25 Tuesday 20:00 Rectal Cancer Drs. Alexandra Diaz, Liudmyla Bordiuh
10 3/11/25 Tuesday 19:00 Sarcoma Drs. Meng Welliver, Sofiia Zaluska
11 4/8/25 Tuesday 20:00 Re-irradiation Drs. Nicolaus Andratschke, Maryna Sokolovska
12 5/13/25 Tuesday 20:00 Lymphoma Drs. Bouthaina Dabaja, Oleksandra Zemlianska

Lecture 1 - Oropharynx cancer by Drs. Dave Fuller and Maryna Sokolovska

Lecture 2 - Lung cancer by Drs. Percy Lee and Taras Izio