AAPM/HUG/UAMP Medical Physics Training Course for Ukraine: Part 2

Part 2 of AAPM/HUG/UAMP Medical Physics Training Course for Ukraine started on May 22, 2024 spanning 17 lectures in various topics pertinent to treatment planning, safety, and quality assurance. 130 Ukrainian medical physicists signed up for the course.

Click on the entry in the table below to navigate to the Zoom recording of the lecture. The videos with Ukrainian subtitles are posted below. We thank Ruslan Zelinskyi, Serhii Brovchuk, Anna Fedorova, Oksana Galias, Nadiia Honcharenko, Oleksandr Ostapchuk, Olha Fomenko, Arevik Avakian, Alina Didyk, Kateryna Havryliuk, Daryna Ostapchuk, and Nataliya Kovalchuk for their help with translations.


Lecture Date Kyiv Time Topic Speaker(s)
33 5/22/2024 19:00 CT commissioning and Immobilization Indra Das, Sam Skubish, Jine Maroney
34 5/24/2024 19:00 TPS Commissioning and Algorithms Rock Mackie, Rob Krauss
35 5/29/2024 19:00 3D Planning Basic: Energy, Blocking, Weighting; PA spine, AP/PA, WBRT, Lung Matthew Goss, Habeeb Saleh
36 5/31/2024 19:00 3D Planning Advanced: 3-4F pelvis, Breast, FiF Jonathan Lewis, Matthew Goss
37 6/5/2024 19:00 3D Planning Advanced:  Palliative and DCAT Adam Buell, Jonathan Lewis
38 6/7/2024 19:00 Inverse Planning intro: Optimization, Algorithms, General strategy Rock Mackie
39 6/12/2024 19:00 IMRT Planning: Pelvis Matthew Goss, Rob Krauss
40 6/14/2024 19:00 IMRT Planning: GI and Lung Cesar Della Biancia, Ron Lalonde
41 6/19/2024 19:00 IMRT Planning: Breast Kenny Guida, Adam Buell
42 6/21/2024 19:00 IMRT Planning: Head and Neck, CNS Nataliya Kovalchuk, Kenny Guida
43 6/26/2024 19:00 SBRT Planning, TG-101 and site specific examples Lung/GI/prostate Cesar Della Biancia, Ron Lalonde
44 6/28/2024 19:00 Treatment Planning Constraint Standardization, Written directive, Plan evaluation Emilie Soisson, Matt Goss
45 7/3/2024 19:00 Vendor Specific Planning: Monaco, Eclipse, RayStation Rob Krauss (Varian), Patti Minyard/Jenn Davis (Monaco)
46 7/10/2024 19:00 Scripting and Planning Automation Eric Simiele, Nataliya Kovalchuk, Alex Solodkin
47 7/12/2024 19:00 Patient Specific QA, Plan Check, Secondary Dose Calc, Data Export Stephanie Parker, Navneeth Hariharan, Luis Santos de Fong
48 7/17/2024 19:00 FMEA, Error Reporting, PDSA Cycle Eric Ford, Katie Woch/Kate Chapman, Jean-Pierre Bissonette
49 7/18/2024 19:00 QA for HDR, LDR Brachytherapy Susan Richardson, Abby Dare, Sean Dresser
50 7/31/2024 19:00 Round Table, TG40, TG66, TG219 Sean Dresser, Rob Krauss

Lecture 33 - CT commissioning and Immobilization by Dr. Indra Das

Lecture 34 - TPS Commissioning and Algorithms by Dr. Rock Mackie