AAPM/HUG/UAMP Medical Physics Training Course – Registration is Open!

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Global Medical Physics Education and Training Committee (GMPETC) and Global Clinical Education and Training Committee (GCETC) are collaborating with Help Ukraine Group and the Ukrainian Association of Medical Physics (UAMP) to conduct an educational course for medical physicists in Ukraine to support them during the war.

The course will be a combination of virtual theoretical and practical lectures. The time span of the course will be approximately nine months, starting in the first quarter of 2024, biweekly, Wednesdays at 19:00 and Saturdays at 18:00 Kyiv time. We are in the process of applying for CAMPEP accreditation for the course so the participants can receive a certificate of completion from AAPM with the credits based on the lectures attended. The course will be in English with the synchronous Ukrainian subtitles. Medical physicists of all experience levels are invited to participate.

To register for the course, please fill out this survey which serves two purposes: registration for the course and collection of the information about the experience, equipment, and training level of the course participants. This information will be used to better shape the curriculum for the education course.

The survey is CONFIDENTIAL. By submitting the confidential survey, you give your consent to use this data to inform development of the educational course. You are free to skip any questions and can stop your participation at any time. Information including your email address and name will be documented for course registration and quality assurance of the survey integrity. However, everything will be anonymized for data analysis. Responding to this survey is estimated to take about 25 minutes or less. If you have any questions about the survey, contact Ruslan Zelinskyi at zelinskyi.ruslan@gmail.com, Serhii Brovchuk at brovchuksm@gmail.com, or Nataliya Kovalchuk at natkoval@stanford.edu.