Successful start for the AAPM/HUG/UAMP Medical Physics Course for Ukraine

A successful start for the AAPM/HUG/UAMP Medical Physics Training course for Ukraine!!!

Part 1 of AAPM/HUG/UAMP Medical Physics Training Course for Ukraine started on January 27th, 2024 spanning 31 lectures in various topics pertinent to basics of medical physics and linac acceptance and commissioning. 130 Ukrainian medical physicists signed up for the course.

The lectures are recorded on the HUG website:

We thank Ruslan Zelinskyi, Serhii Brovchuk, Anna Fedorova, Oksana Galias, Nadiia Honcharenko, Oleksandr Ostapchuk, Olha Fomenko, Arevik Avakian, and Nataliya Kovalchuk for their help with translations of the lectures.