Stanford Radiation Oncology #StandWithUkraine lecture series is completed and translated into Ukrainian!

Our Stanford Radiation Oncology #StandWithUkraine lecture series is completed! Overall, 103 Ukrainian radiation oncologists, medical physicists and RTTs joined the lectures. Peak attendance per lecture was 120 attendees including Stanford faculty and staff. All Ukrainian cancer centers had participants in the lecture series. Lviv Regional Cancer Center had the most participants – 11 radiation oncologists and medical physicists!

Here are the results of the evaluation survey for the Stanford Radiation Oncology Clinical Lecture Series in Radiation Oncology #StandWithUkraine:

1️⃣ Out of 103 attendees from Ukraine, 36 responded to the survey: 66% radiation oncologists, 26% medical physicists, 9% other specialties

2️⃣ Most respondents were extremely satisfied with the course (83%)

3️⃣ 91% of respondents would use the knowledge acquired during the course in their clinical practice in Ukraine

4️⃣ 💯% are interested in new courses in the future!

5️⃣ Around 40% did not find English as an obstacle in learning! Great progress!

The recording of all the lectures and Ukrainian subtitled videos are posted on Help Ukraine Group website:…/

Many thanks to Yulia LozkoDaryna SemotyukСофія Залуська for volunteering with translations!

We are preparing a virtual series of training for medical physicists in collaboration with AAPM (in English). The training will start in the first quarter of 2024 and will last for 9 months.

We are also preparing the radiation oncology training course in Ukrainian (virtual + on site) for all, but especially targeting the participants from the centers with Co-60 receiving linac this/next year. Stay tuned to our announcements!